Tall Is Beautiful

Tall models are the most appreciated in the fashion and glamor world, and their tall height, may at times be the main reason for their successful position. Despite this, any ordinary woman, who is not in the glamour world, becomes overly conscious when she grows taller than the average height of women around her.

Tall women often become terrifically shy and do weird things to cut down their height visually, like walking with a stoop or wearing clothes which can minimize their longer arms and legs. And in that nasty run to look a little less tall, they ruin their complete personality.

Anyways, if you’re tall you must feel glad about it because there are millions and millions of petite frames around the world who are willing to do absolutely anything to gain an inch or two. Be proud of your tall stature, and stop slouching or looking for other ways to look less tall. Look at Hollywood, look at Parisian fashion or just about anywhere, you’ll find the sexiest of women are fairly tall.

Unlike most fashion maestros, who always believe in using fashion to look the opposite of what you are, I would suggest instead of playing down on your tall height try playing it up. So, whoever tells you to stick to flat footwear and avoid high heels, just don’t give them an ear. A tall height is a positive attribute, and like most women love to flaunt their shapely and sexy legs; you must learn to flaunt your high instead of downplaying it.

Tall women usually have fabulous legs, and using some heels will help in drawing attention to your legs, while at the same time they will help you to improve your walking posture. If you’re convinced that tall as beautiful, then use the right clothing, such as vertical stripes, fitted blouses, straight cuts skirts and knee-high heeled boots, to play up your height.

And lastly, if you’re worried about dating shorter men, then the simple way out is don’t go in for short men, because there are lots and lots of tall men, out there, looking for tall women to make a perfect pair. But if you really have a soft corner for some short guy, then just leave your inhibitions aside and enjoy being with him, because if the both of you are passionate about each other, height doesn’t have much of a role to play in your relationship.

Sidharth Thakur