Talking Dirty Can Be Exciting

talking-dirty-can-be-exciti Talking dirty has its own thrill and excitement, and trust me men love it when their women use some loose language in the privacy of their bedrooms.

However, let it be a few months into the relationship before you begin talking dirty with your man. Also, begin it all in moderation and watch your man closely for his reactions, because some men do not like to see women using the swearing words.

Even for the men who like to see their women using dirty slang, there are some who would prefer that you use these words artfully crafted into a worded fantasy, while there are others who would love to see you going crude and coarse and revealing the wicked and dirty side of you.

Now that’s what you need to find out with a little observation, the kind of dirty words he’s open to listening from your mouth, and the words that you’d rather not use just to avoid shocking or offending him.

You’re sure to be a bit nervous when you’re doing it for the first time, but as I assured you earlier, most men not only find it exciting but may also get turned-on with a bit of dirty talk. The reason dirty talking excites and turns on a man, is because women are not very verbally explicit about sex, most of the time.

And when a woman begins talking dirty with a man, he feels that the relation is getting more intimate and she is willing to talk out most of the things that have remained hidden behind closed doors till so far. Also when you begin talking dirty with your man, he feels more comfortable to openly talk about his sexual fantasies and even to ask you to fulfill his fantasies.

When your sex life is becoming dull and boring, add in some spice to it with dirty talking, top it up with a little bit of dirty act as well, and it will instantaneously arouse your man’s desire to have sex with you.