Taking Multivitamins Isn at Always Healthy

The current trend of relying too much on multivitamins and health supplements isn’t really as good of an idea as thought by common people.

Why multivitamins seem so important?

Preferably, every one should get a nutritious diet, which is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. However the fact remains, that for the most part people do not meet all of their nutritional needs by way of food.  Consequently, many of us end up eating multivitamins and supplements to pull off complete nutrition. Regardless of how unhealthy our diet is, we always seek to make up for its deficiencies through external supplements and multivitamins. We assume that we can break away from the ill effects attributable to junk food through these supplements.

The big question that arises here, is whether we can skip our daily servings of fruits and vegetables and compensate the deficiencies with vitamin supplement instead? Unfortunately, the answer is a flat and strong – ‘No’.

Multivitamins should be had only with a prescription.

The nastiest thing you might do to your body is to get habitual of multivitamin supplements, and that too without a proper prescription. Sadly, these days most of the people are doing this blunder in the name of better health. The manufacturers of these multivitamins and supplements make alluring and deceptive claims about these multivitamins causing no side-effects, but well the picture is not as rosy as is painted by these people.

If you feel that it’s safe to take multivitamins without a doctor’s prescription, then you are highly mistaken. Taking multivitamins in excess, without a prescription, can lead to adverse effects on your health. Everyone has different nutritional needs and only your physician has the accurate knowledge and ability as to what multivitamins are best for you, and whether or not you actually need to take any multivitamins at all. To avoid the ill effects of multivitamins you must always consult your doctor before buying any.

The other way round, its best to get all your dietary requirements directly from your food, so get your hands onto vegetables and fruits and chances are you’ll never need those multivitamins.

Sidharth Thakur