Taking Care of Tired and Puffy Eyes

Are you the one who is staying up late and staring at the computer screen for too long? Computer is an intrinsic part of our lives but let us face it, you cannot do without it. Or maybe you are unable to get sleep due to work stress. Be it whatever reason, you are ending up with tired and puffy eyes.

The best news is there are extremely simple homemade cures that can easily take away the puffiness and relax your eyes immensely. No hardcore remedies required at all. So, let us go over some of the most popular remedial measures.

Good old cucumber.

This one is one of the best things to use for your eyes. Slice up a cold cucumber and place them over your eyelids and you are done. The high water content of cucumbers, reduce puffiness to a great deal and cause eventual relaxation.

Teabags are another. All you will need to do is to place them, cold of course, on your eyelids and feel your eyes feel rejuvenated and the tiredness being soaked away.

Not many are aware, but olive oil is great for eyes. It takes care of the swelling of the eyes in a deep-seated level and provides much relief.

One of the easiest ways to relieve eye stress is to dip wads of cotton in cold water, and place them directly over your eyelids. It is amazingly soothing.

A slight improvisation of the former method will be to dip cotton balls in cold milk. Cold milk is an effective eye stress buster. Soak the cotton balls adequately and place them over eyelids.

Apart from cucumber, strawberry too works wonders. Get cold strawberries right out of the fridge and use them for your eyes.

Often dehydration is a cause for eye fatigue. Make sure you keep drinking enough gallons of water to keep yourself properly hydrated.

Make a habit of washing your eyes in regular intervals. It keeps the eyes feeling fresh.

Prevention is always better than cure. The best way to deal with tired eyes is to not have them at all. Regularize your lifestyle, live healthy and keep these symptoms at bay.