Taking Care Of The Face

One of the most important part of the body that has also the most delicate skin is the face. Most of the times when we go out in the sun we apply sunscreen but many of us forget to wipe it off after returning home. One of the main reasons of skin aging and darkening is that most of us neglect the most beautiful and delicate part of the body resulting in premature aging, black spots, wrinkles and skin darkening.

It seems unbelievable but facial care is not an elaborate ritual and proper cleaning of the face can reduce many problems of the skin. Most of us use face wash and forget everything. Actually face cleaning is a bit elaborate. Only soap or face wash won’t serve the purpose.

There are mainly 3 steps in face care. Cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Apart from this there are also occasional scrubbing and it is a must that you use a face care pack once in a week. For the first part there are numerous face washes available in the market. However remember to check your skin type. Choose a face wash that suits your skin type. Remember to wash the face in gentle upward circling motion. After cleaning you have to apply toner.

Toners actually tighten the open pores and also help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. After toning go for moisturizing which will again depend on your skin type. Choose water based moisturizer if you have pimples or your skin is extremely oily. Mud packs are really great for your skin and they should be applied once in every week. In all this process remember to avoid the skin just below the eyes. There are specialized eye care skin cream that should be applied in those areas. So keep your face clean and glow with beauty.