Symptoms of teething in infants

All the first time mothers can’t make out whether their infant is teething or not, because they have absolutely no idea of what are the signs and symptoms of teething. But thankfully teething symptoms are easy to distinguish, provided you know what to look for. So here’s information on how to find out whether your little one has begun teething.

•    When an infant begins teething he will salivate more than normal, and you may see him dribbling very often. The drooling may at times be so much that the saliva may cause rashes around the mouth.

•    At the time of teething the gums become swollen and are highly sensitive to touch. To check if the gums are swollen and sensitive, you will have to feel the gums with your finger, but be gentle as even slight pressure may make the infant very uncomfortable. As you glide your finger along the gums you may be able to feel the tiny teeth, on the front bottom gum, trying to head out of the gums.

•    As teething begins, the child will show increased love for chewing nearly everything he can manage to push into his mouth. In particular, the child will love to chew on coarse things like clothes, as this provides some relief to the intensive itch that the infant may experience in the gums. Make sure you have sterilized teeters at home, as these are far better and far safer than clothing and toys.

•    Since teething is painful and discomforting, the infant may remain irritated and may cry endlessly refusing to calm down, try whatsoever. It gets difficult to console the infant, and the usual tricks that worked earlier in making the infant calm may not seem to work anymore. The infant may also twist and turn while sleeping, and may wake up every now and then. The child may be restless, and this will make him more irritated and difficult to handle.

•    As we just mentioned that during teething, infants put each and everything they can find into their mouth, they usually pick up a lot of infections, which result in a loss of appetite and upset stomach.

Sidharth Thakur