Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Children

Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Children

Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Children Kidneys are bean shaped structures that are the part of the excretory system of the body, their structure absorbs the nutrient portion of the blood excrete out the wastes in form of urine. Besides helping in the production of urine the kidney have myriad other functions as well especially in children, like helping in the development of the strength of the bones, the production of the Red Blood Corpuscles and maintaining the optimum blood pressure.

In cases where there is a presence of kidney disease, obviously these quite vital functions get hindered leading to the disruption of the healthy working of the body. However in order to curb the damage as quickly as possible it is important to know the symptoms of kidney diseases in children which will help in the early diagnoses and medication for the treatment of the problem.

Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Children

Lack Of Energy

Generally children in good health are very much active and keep on doing something or the other continuously. If such vibrant young lives suddenly cease going about their natural way, and become sedentary and unable to take part in activities or complain of lack of energy and strength to run or even move about; this quite clearly indicates that something is wrong with their health that needs closer inspection.

Mostly children do not feel lethargic and agree to sleep or take rest only when too much activity has occurred. A child afflicted with kidney diseases do not feel like playing, wants to sleep off on most occasions and seem extremely lethargic to move about. They may even shun eating and may have aversion to food. Although these symptoms may also be due to a variety of other reasons, kidney troubles cannot be completely signed off.

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For knowing the exact reason proper diagnoses is extremely necessary. If you feel that your child is not what he/she used to be in terms of being energetic it is better to release the tension regarding what has happened by seeking medical help as soon as possible; dallying unnecessarily with just lead to more problems later.

Increased Pressure

Hypertension is not generally present in children therefore if high blood pressure gets detected in a young child this may lead the medical professionals to delve further into the problem leading to the detection of kidney diseases.

Since our kidneys release certain hormones which help to regulate the optimum blood pressure in our body, thus when the working of these vital organs get hindered due to some of other disease it may lead to the development of high blood pressure.


The swelling of the body parts termed as edema occurs when the normal kidney functioning gets impaired. As such the protein from the blood also gets excreted along with other excretory products resulting in edema of arms, legs and the area around the eye region.

Anemic Body

The hormones secreted from the kidneys help in the production of red blood corpuscles in the body, decreased kidney functioning may result in anemia.

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