Swimsuits For Different Body Types

A perfect swimsuit is one which accentuates the beauty of the wearer, and not something that is all too good looking in itself, but doesn’t beautify the wearer. As far as men are concerned, they will find every woman’s swimsuit good looking, as long as there is a woman’s body inside it.

Usually, it is the other women who will critical evaluate how well your swimsuit sits on you, and still worse is that most women become overly cynical about themselves when they look into the mirror wearing a swimsuit.

We have some help for you to help you spot the best swimming suit according to your body shape, which is sure to inspire a lot of confidence in you.

• For apple shaped women, with broad shoulders and comparatively smaller hips, the two piece bikini style is a better option. Look for something which has a top in a solid color and the bottom is patterned, to balance out the flaws in your body shape.

• With a body shape that’s narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, that is medium size breasts, a big waist and large hips, you’d look best in the one-piece swimsuit, especially one which is designed with tummy control to hide away some of the flab around the waist.

• Women with small busts should give halter top bikinis a try, and if you can find one, which has a seam running just under the bust line and is slightly padded, nothing like it. Alternatively, look for a swimsuit in a fabric that is a little textured to distract the attention away from the small breasts.

• If your bottom is fuller, look for the swimsuit variant that comes in a skirted fashion, usually with some patterns. The little flair of this skirt type swimsuits helps in disguising the bigger hips and giving you are more balanced look.

• For the slender athletic figures, where the breasts, waist and hips are in the right proportion, most types of swimsuits will sit perfectly. However, to look a little extra trendy and to add more definition to your waist, think of wrap up style tops and belted bottoms.

Sidharth Thakur