Surprising Fashion Trends This Spring

There is an eclectic range of fashion products this spring. There is a lot of color and a lot of zing to the present fashion. We all know what’s now and what’s past but with the present spring fashion it is all in, all colors and style the way I found out from Starley Murray, the stylist and the international fashion figure and national images expert.

I read through a very interesting article of hers and found out about the must haves, this spring season and the surprising fashion statement it all makes. Well-tailored suits are in vogue but a sleeker suit that’s double breasted is a sizzler this spring. This is something that is broader at the shoulders and narrow at the waist that creates a masculine V all the more desirable for the ladies’ men.

If you are spring shopping, ladies for your wardrobe, there are some of the things you should look into. How about a rebel pink or for that matter the Tyrian purple color to your ensembles? These can be paired off with contrasts in color and they would look great for the styles in spring. If you are thinking of some styles that are casual and subtle here is what you can look at. It could be some jeans with straight legs, or some bell bottom trousers.

The pants could be boot cut with a slight flair or straight flair. The tops could be Macrame or some chrochet tops and they look exceptionally chic and flirty for spring wear fashion. Spring is a bright season and you would not perhaps like to lose out on the oranges, blues, purples or the yellows at all. These paired off with a dash of white or black or some earthy colors could add to the zing.

These along with proper trousers and shirts and also accessories bring your spring couture to a height. Use plenty of white as it works wonderfully with a mix and match of other colors in spring. The Spring shoes have color written all over on them. Whether they are in leather, or in suede they would always be in a wide array of bright colors to choose from and that which you would love to wear.

About the styles in the shoes, for the ladies, the clogs are in, retro mode. These are wooden heels with leather upper and these are shoes that have come into vogue from Swedish designers and they are wonderfully stylish. For the men it’s more of the colored shoes to felicitate the Spring fashion.

What would you ladies do for a spring hairdo? Men nowadays prefer their hair medium length while some have shorter hair. Your hairdo could be your insignia but you do have to choose the style that suits you the best. With the bright color dresses and the clog heels, for the ladies the best hairdo could be the waved bob, beach style! The best part of it would be to carry your style with an insignia your very own, in your own style and pace, so that you can make eyes roll!