Surgical Breast Enlargement

Men have an obsession for breasts, and this makes a lot of women want to make their breasts bigger to attract the opposite sex. Most women, who feel their breasts are too small, are willing to try out all possible ways of increasing their breast size, even breast enlargement surgery. But before you actually go in for a breast enlargement surgery you must understand what exactly is done during a breast enlargement surgery.

What does a breast enlargement surgery involve?
During a breast enlargement surgery, a breast implant is placed inside the breasts to make the breasts seem bigger or fuller. The breast implants are normally made of silicone, with silicone gel or salt water filled in them to make them soft and cushiony. Breast implants come in a range of sizes and shapes, and it’s for your surgeon to decide what type of implant is most appropriate for you. The silicone implants usually have a certain life, which is mostly about 10 years, after which another surgery may be required either to remove them or replace them.

General anesthesia is administered before conducting the breast enlargement surgery. For the surgery the surgeon will make an incision on the bottom side of each breast, so that the post surgery marks, if any, are least visible. The surgeon will then lift the breast tissues off the pectoral chest muscles and insert the implant into the crevice this created. The incision is then sealed back using stitches.

Breast enlargement surgery usually lasts for about two hours, and there is not much of blood loss. However, just as for any other surgery there are a lot of pre-surgical tasks to be carried out.

Getting ready for a breast enlargement surgery
A week or so before the surgery, your surgeon may advise you to quit smoking and drinking, as both these double up your chances of contracting infections during and after breast enlargement surgery. Also drinking can cause slower healing and scarring of the incisions.

One day before the surgery, or sometimes even on the same day, the surgeon will make you undergo routine blood and urine examination to determine your fitness for the surgery. You may also be asked to stay empty stomach for 6-8 hours before the surgery.

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