Super Foods: Must have-s in Your Diet

There are a variety of foods which are extremely nutritious and good for the body. But there are some which are set apart because of their tremendous nutrient packed composition.

These are the super foods. Regular inclusion of them in your diet can result in vast improvements and can even prevent a number of ailments from taking over your life; like hypertension, obesity, few kinds of cancers, and a lot of others as well. Let us find out some of those which the clan Super Foods entails:

Good old beans. What are greens without beans? They are nutritious and guess what? They can even help you lessen obesity to a great extent. Make sure you have plenty of beans in your diet.

Broccoli is another vital vegetable. They are immensely good for your eyes and are especially important for pregnant women as they can prevent birth defects.

Yogurt must be made a staple part of your diet. It helps to build stronger bones and makes your heart work better.

Tomatoes are great for your skin, especially raw tomatoes. They let your skin fight better against the harmful rays of the Sun.

In fruits, blueberries and oranges are highly required by the body. The former helps to fight the risks of cardiovascular diseases and the latter is useful in prevention of strokes.

Somebody with heart problems must include these two essential fruits in the diet. Pumpkin too is hugely important in helping to avert chances of a number of kinds of cancers from occurring. Other than these three, Kiwi fruit also is beneficial. A great resource for a number of Vitamins and yet does not score high on the sugar quotient.

Turkey is known to make the body strong by bettering the immune system.
Acai berries are strong antioxidants, get rid of harmful free radicals and are super-rich in protein.

Honey increases the potential of the body to fight against the attacks of free radicals and enables the blood to be more antioxidant.

The list of super foods is getting revised almost all the time, as we are discovering newer and healthier foods. They undeniably help to make a strong body, stronger.