Super Foods And How You Can Eat Them

healthy_diet I have been reading much lately on Health Foods so that whenever I am shopping for foods in the market, I always go for optimal nutritional foods nowadays.

I would rather buy some pomegranates, a rich source of antioxidants and a bunch of bananas than those mouth savoring cookies that only have loads of sugar and fat and are actually harmful for health. Some foods have gained a lot of importance lately.

Gone are the days when people lived only on proteins and fats. Now a lot of attention is on cereals and fibres and vegetables and fish. Some foods are called Super Foods. We must therefore know which foods are actually Super and why.

There are certain foods which stand out with their invigorating and life enriching qualities. Say, Garlic which you can find in almost all kitchen. These have a lot of qualities for lowering blood pressure and helping cardio vascular improvement. You only have to decide for yourself whether your body needs that specific superfood or not.

I just read about the chia seeds but I still don’t have any idea what they actually are. Chia seeds are said to have a lot of ingredients like cacao which is present in dark chocolate. Chia also contains a lot of minerals like magnesium, chromium and zinc.

They also contain a a lot of beta carotene which is a rich source of antioxidants. Chia seeds are a natural source of energy like tea is. Chia Seeds would also give your day a kick start like tea. For cacao you can get them in the form of paste, butter or nibs or in powder form. You can use them in desserts of all kind.

I never knew pure raw chocolates have a very rich source of antioxidants. But now that we have known let’s grab that bar of dark chocolate with rich cacao in that. Next, you could go for Goji Berries.

The name is quite peculiar but those are extra good for health and beauty. The gojis would have 18 forms of minerals like calcium, zinc, selenium, vitamin B2., potassium, beta carotene and calcium too. These help to keep the immune system boosted up and also helps you to lose weight.

If you have to use the Super foods my advice is to use them one by one first so that you know the benefit of each. You can then go about permuting and combining them in the diet accordingly.