Sunscreen: your skin’s best friend

We all love the sun and its warmth, but most of us are also aware that sun rays are the worst enemy of our skin. Overexposure to the suns rays speed up aging of the skin and the development of age spots and freckles. But for those who love the outdoor life, just can’t stay put back for this one reason. So, here’s some information on how you can prevent your skin from getting damaged by the harmful UV radiation of the sun, without being forced to stay indoors all day long.

You’ve heard this advice a million times, but there is simply no way out but to befriend the humble sunscreen lotion. If you’re not keen on buying a sunscreen lotion, then choose your everyday face lotions or face cream that contain some amount of sun protection. There is a wide range of face and body lotions which have about 10-15 sun protection factor, and using these is certainly better than using no sunscreen at all. However, for true sun protection nothing less than 30 SPF is acceptable, because only with a 30 SPF can you expect to get 6-8 hours of sun protection. And for a full day protection you might want to consider something with an SPF count of 50-60.

Most women prefer to use sunscreen only during the summer months, but you must understand that the suns rays remain the same all year through. The winter sun is as damaging as the summer sun, so you just can’t afford to skip out on the sunscreen all year through. And even when you want to tan your skin, you must still use some amount of sunscreen on the skin as it will prevent your skin from absorbing any of the UV rays. It’s a common fallacy that the skin doesn’t tan through sunscreen; in fact the tan that you get on the skin covered with sunscreen is more even and more natural looking. So the lesson of the day is, use sunscreen everyday.

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Sidharth Thakur