Sunglasses, Your Style Statement

Wearing sunglasses will not only add to your style statement but will also protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. However, all sunglasses don’t offer UV protection. So, choose your sunglasses carefully as your eyes may get damaged if you wear the wrong type.

The colored shade of the lenses of our sunglasses obstructs the light from our eyes. As a result of this, our pupils get dilated to obtain more light from the environment so that we can continue to see without problem. If there’s no UV protective coating on the lenses, the harmful rays will pass through and get into our eyes.

If such exposure takes place for a long time, a variety of eye ailments like cataracts, corneal sunburn and even blindness may occur. So, it’s important to choose the correct type of sunglasses that offer complete UV protection. You may check the OSHA label to know about the glasses’ UV protection level.

Remember that the lenses have a chemical layer, which stops the UV rays from getting into our eyes. It’s a wrong notion that colors, especially darker shades, offer better level of protection.

Know these factors about the colors of your sunglasses before taking your pick:

* Gray-colored lenses reduce the glare with no distortion in the colors.
* Sunglasses with a brown-tint reduce the glare but alter colors.
* Though yellow-colored glasses distort colors, they help in sharper vision by decreasing blue light’s haze.
* Green colored sunglasses filter out blue light and offer fine contrast to vision.
* For both green and blue backgrounds, rose-colored glasses offer good contrast.

Remember not to be influenced by the price tag. A steep price tag may be due to the stylish design and not for the UV protection factor. So, safeguard your eyes by going for those glasses that offer appropriate protection against the UV rays.