Sunglasses: Utilitarian Fashion Accessories

Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories. They are also very important to prevent any adverse affect to your eyes and help in maintaining good eye health.

Of course they go well with dresses and apparels but there is more than that to sunglasses. Here are some reasons as to why sunglasses are important.

Long exposure to direct sunlight in the eyes has been known to result in macular degeneration. This condition involves loss of vision on the center of the vision field.

It occurs especially because of the violet and the blue spectrum of the visible sunlight. This is where a pair of good sunglasses comes into picture where they prevent this band of light to reach the eyes and the lens either absorbs them or reflects them.

A most well known factor which affects the eyes due to the direct exposure to sunlight is the affect of the Ultra Violet light of the sun. This is known to cause many ailments in the eye; cataract, growth on the surface of the eye which causes the vision to get obstructed and also causes the phenomenon called the snow blindness which is temporary sunburn on the eye and is known to be very painful.

There are those who believe that wearing wide brimmed hats and caps can help the situation but they can stop only fifty percent of the ultra violet light. Only a good pair of UV Sunglasses will be able to reflect all the ultraviolet light and keep your eyes safe and healthy.

If one is out in the bright light for a long time, it gets a little difficult to adapt to darkness or any indoor atmosphere. Consider that you are driving on a highway in the full glare of the sun, and the road runs into a tunnel.

You will realize for a moment or two that there is a drastic reduction in light and that can be hazardous. A pair of sunglasses will minimize the difference in light intensity.

Apart from comfortable vision, sunglasses also prevent cancer to the eyelids and skin around the eyes. Over all, it looks fashionable and has numerous eye health benefits as well.