Summer Skin Protection – How to Save It Not Hide It

Summer is here. Across the globe people are enjoying shedding their layered clothes for lighter and slimmer fits. And while we attempt to look sexy and glamorous in the sun we must also remember to save our skin while showing it off.

Summer skin not only needs to be flawless it needs to be well protected. This makes the skin look attractive and sensual.

Most women focus on moisturizing their skin in winter and using sunscreen in summer; what they are not aware of is that you need to do both all year through.

In the summer months you not only need to use a thick layer of sunscreen you also need to moisturize your skin well. If you are confused let me sort this out for you.

While it is important to use a good amount of sunscreen on your skin in summer it is also important to moisturize your skin. This is because the skin looses a lot of moisture in summer and it is important to retain the moisture in the skin.

Use a tinted moisturizer in your face, neck, hands and legs. This will help you to get the required coverage that you need in terms of protection from the sun as well as retains the moisture on your skin.

Look out for a tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it. This will be the prefect product for summer.

In order to protect your skin in summer you also need to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. This will maintain the body’s hydration and it will help your skin to stay healthy.

Remember, in summer your body looses huge amounts of water in the form of sweat; this leads to the skin and body getting dehydrated. Thus it is important to increase your consumption of liquids in summer; stay clear of caffeine based drinks though as they too cause dehydration.

Avoid alcoholic beverages as they cause signs of aging and also cause dehydration.

Aloe Vera is a natural skin care product that can be used to protect the skin from sun damage. In the form of a gel this product can be used to treat sunburns and tans. You can also drink the juice to protect your skin and hydrate it internally.