Summer Makeup Tips

Summers are approaching and it is definitely the best time to flaunt your body. While doing so, your major concern is your skin and hair, which is quite obvious. So how you can enhance your look by putting the makeup for summers is what you need to learn. It adds to your beauty, highlights your features and protects you from the scorching heat as well.

The makeup that you apply must be neatly applied so that it doesn’t harm your skin much. The best thing to do is to keep the makeup light as it aims to avoid the excessive body sweating, oily shine of body and clogging of the skin pores. This helps to stay away from acne problems as well.

To have healthy looking skin and for the make up to last for long of time, you must make a note of these tips to do summer makeup. Use of sheer make up makes your skin look younger, fresher and allows it to breathe. Another benefit of it is that you are protected from the humidity in the environment, which could be a disaster for your ordinary face makeup.

It is advisable to not put on foundation and go for a sun protection makeup i.e. a good sun screen lotion mixed with a good moisturizer. For covering up the freckles, avoid foundation and make use of translucent powder so as to blot skin. It also gives color to the skin.

As for lips, give rest to dark shades and the blood red lipsticks. Instead of wearing them, go for the nude color lip color. They are suitable for every occasion, suits every skin type and look good at any time of the day, be it night or day. In summers, bronze and sensual skin is what you must look forward to as it is very in for summers.

For the eyes also a natural and nude look is best so stick to neutral and non shimmer shadows for the lids. You can curl your eye lashes and use dark and glossy shade of black shadow so that your eyes look bigger. Use of pink and peach blush would complete the whole summer makeup.

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