Summer Makeup – Tips For Looking Gorgeous This Summer

Summer is the time of sun and sand and the time when you can get the perfect tan. During summers it is necessary that you pay special attention to your makeup, as even a small flaw in the makeup can turn into a huge disaster.

Also, failure to apply in the proper manner will cause your summer makeup to be wrecked by sweat, heat and humidity. Here are some summer makeup tips that you can follow to look gorgeous this summer. Before applying any form of makeup, you should cleanse and moisturize your skin in a thorough manner.

The moisturizer you use should have an inbuilt sunscreen which will shield you from the harmful rays of the sun.You can then rub your face with ice cubes in order to close the skin pores and to prevent the entry of dust and grime.

It is advised that you avoid using foundation as it may get smudged, thus destroying your entire makeup. Also owing to the heat and humidity, the foundation will tend to become heavy on the skin. But if you feel that your makeup is incomplete without foundation, then you can stick to a using light matte based foundation.

You can also skip the foundation and use a powdered concealer which is a shade or two lighter than your normal skin color. The concealer will help to cover blemishes and will even also out your skin tone, without undergoing smudging.

You can give a touch of color to your cheeks with the help of a blush. You can also get a sun kissed look by applying a bronzer on the areas of the cheekbones, neck , chin and forehead.

Soft and light colored eye shadows will help to brighten up your eyes in the hot summer season.Do not use liquid or cream based eyeshadow and use only powdered ones. If you want to use an eyeliner and mascara, then make sure that they are water proof.

Finally, you can dress up your your lips using a light colored lipstick. You can also skip the lip stick and use a lip gloss to add a touch of moisture and shine to your lips. Along with moisturizing your lips, the lip gloss will also serve as a protective barrier from the sun’s rays.

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