Summer Fashion Tips to Keep You Trendy and Comfortable

Often style comes with a price and during summer that’s the last thing on your mind. When you think of style for the summer you think of trends that will let your skin breathe and those that will keep your cool and looking your best.

If I had it my way I would walk around with flip flops and capris all summer long but as this is a fashion no-no and I need to keep up my appearances have come up with a few tips that have helped me out. Try them out I am sure you will love them as much as I do.

Summer is the time of the year to keep your fashion low key yet trendy. To do this you need to stock up on pants of all lengths and fabrics. Though you would think your best and only option is to walk around in shorts you would be surprised at the other options that you have.

Load your wardrobe with tank tops, summer dresses, T shirts and skirts. Pastel colored shorts in light fabrics are perfect for the summer. Now, you also need to have a good collection of shoes in your closet. Flip flops, wedges and sneakers look perfect for the day; however you will need to invest in a pair of sandals for formal occasions.

Summer is the time to try out new trends but you need to beware and avoid trying too many trends at the same time. Stick to the trends that you are comfortable with. Play around with your accessories. Belts, shoes and bags are always trendy so you can get some of these accessories in floral prints or bright colors. Remember to keep all your trends in balance.

Summer is not the time to bare it all. If you are wearing shorts then wear a blouse with a high collar; on the flip side if you are wearing long trousers then you could team it with a tank top or a bustier. Keep your style elegant though you may want to flaunt a few assets.

While you shed your inhibitions during the warm months of the year you need to play close attention to your skin care regime. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated. Also, wear a thick layer of sunscreen in order to keep your skin free from sun damage.