Summer Fashion – Skin And Hair Styles

summer-dress Summer skin and hairstyles:

Summer is arriving fast and it is the time of spring breaks, beach parties and a whole lot of fun. But what about hair and skin? Are you planning to go out in the sun with those heavy make ups of winter? Summer is all about keeping it light keeping in mind the sunny weather and the hot sun so inevitably the hair and skin make up will also change.

Change in summer as told above is all about going light on the skin. Switch from heavy foundations and make up powders to sheer creams, gels and liquids. Always prefer to go the sunscreen way. There are lots of gels and creams available in the market with sunscreen protection. Choose at least SPF 15 sunscreen protection. See the labels.

For the eyes go bright yet light. Choose between bronze, gold and olive shades. Go for the natural tones to avoid artificial look.

Luscious lips are the fashion of the season. Lip liners, colors and glosses are hot in the market. Do not be afraid to experiment with tangerine, pink and red glosses.

For your cheeks puff some bronzing powder or cream and enhance it with shimmer so that it can embrace the natural tone of your face.

Textured side pony is the in thing this summer. Wherever you may be in a party or a college get together it is fit for all occasions and places.

Here are some tips to get it right:

To create texture and volume spray hair spray generously.

After that give it a blast with a dryer.

To give it an added volume run a comb through back and crown.

Create a ponytail and pull the back sections to create a height.

Finish off with hair spray to get the perfect look for the summers.