Summer Beauty Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you the kind of person who takes care of their hair and skin and yet end up with disasters? Well, if this is the case then you need to make a few changes in your summer beauty regimes. The trick is to change your technique in order to avoid disasters like sun burns, dehydration and bad hair days. Let’s look at how to do it right.

If you get blotches on your skin or suffer from mild sunburn despite wearing sunscreen then you need to change your technique of wearing sunscreen. Your first reaction will be to change the product that you are wearing but that is where you are wrong.

The reason why you may be suffering from the sun damage is because you wear the sunscreen after your skin had been exposed to the sun or a few moments before you step out.

This is where you are wrong. In order to gain the benefits that the sunscreen has to offer you must apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out. The lotion needs to soak into your skin to be able to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

You may also notice the skin on your arms and legs getting dry and looking dull. You may wonder how it is possible to get dry skin in summer even after you use a moisturizing cream.

The problem is that most women use a moisturizing sunscreen lotion in the day before they step out into the sun but don’t use a moisturizer at night. This is where the issue arises. In order to have soft and radiant skin you need to moisturize it at night too.

You can avoid dehydrated looking skin too by drinking a glass of water before you go to bed at night. This is the easiest way to hydrate your skin and protect it from getting dry and looking dull and lifeless.

Women walk in sandals for most of the summer. This leads to the skin on the feet and heels getting dry and in severe cases it may also leads to cracks on the skin. Now, if you face this issue then do not panic.

Simply soak your legs in a tub of warm water every night and use a loofah to get rid of the dead skin cells. Use Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed and wear socks to trap the moisture. Alternatively you could shop around for creams and gels that are rich in moisture and help to hydrate the skin. Products with Shea butter and Aloe Vera work well.

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