Sultry Summer Outfits for a Beach Wedding

Summer weddings have a sensual feeling to them; especially since they are mostly planned on the beach or shore. Remember, not all beach weddings are casual so you may want to check the attire that you need to be in before you start planning your outfit.

Formal and casual beach themed weddings are easy to style and wear. Actually, it’s all about accessorizing to get the perfect look.

I always buy a new outfit for any beach wedding I attend for the mere fact that I can wear those outfits several times after the wedding as styling them is very easy. However, you need to lay your hands on the appropriate accessories and shoes to pull of the perfect look for a summer beach wedding.

Embrace summer with your outfits and wear clothes that are light, airy and breezy. The lighter the fabric the better it will look on the beach. Floral prints and tribal accents in your silhouettes are prefect for a beach wedding.

When you are choosing the cut or style of the dress look out for one that is not too structured. A layered dress or one with frills will give you out a naughty yet pleasant look.

Though the maxi dress is a huge trend this year; don’t be afraid to show off a little skin. You may wear a short dress or a mini only if your body is well toned. If your legs and thighs are not fit to wear a short dress and you still want to show off some skin then look out for an off shoulder dress.

When you are picking out your shoes for the occasion you have the option of wearing metallic sandals, wedges, platforms or even ballet flats. High heel shoes and stilettos are not a good option as the heels will get buried in the sand and this may cause you to trip and fall.

Decide on the jewels that you want to wear before you plan out your look. Decide if you want to wear chunky jewels or simply wear jewels with tiny details. Summer jewels are a great option too for a casual occasion.