Successful Women: Are They A Big Turn Off For Men?

You are independent, smart and have achieved a lot of success in life, but there’s still an empty corner in your life because most men just get turned off by your success. Have you been wondering why that is so, are men really that week and immature to get intimidated by your success? We will try to reason it out why successful women are such a turn-off for men.

The number one reason I can cite for this approach is that most successful women feel overly intelligent and overly confident about being able to handle those little dating and relationship problems. Its fine if you want to use your professional logic there, and maybe a man may even respect you for being so logical, however he may not love you for that because relationships never run on logic.

When logic and intelligence begins to poke their nose in any relationship, there will be a time when you would want to change a lot of things about your man as also about the relationship and that’s where the problem begins. Learn to do certain things only for fun and emotions at times, if you don’t want your intelligence and logic to form a barricade preventing men to walk towards you.

If you really understand male psychology, you should know that success is always a turn-on for men and never a turn-off. So, you can’t really say that men dislike successful woman, although that does not even imply that they like successful women. Most men do not even care how good a woman in terms of career and earning money.

So where does the problem begin? Well, most successful women furtively expect a change in the approach and behavior of men just because they are successful. A change, that makes the women feel more valued and more respected. And obviously when you walk around like a snob wishing to be treated always like a princess, you can always buy slaves but never enjoy lovers.

Another reason that drives men away from successful women is the strategy game that these women play to get a man and a relationship. It’s nice if you have achieved a lot of success using certain strategies in your career and business, but love and relationship is not a strategy game. Being proactive, communicating well, following up and being assertive are ways to handle your customers and clients, and for sure these strategies won’t work in enticing a man to love you.

So clear off those little blockades that have gotten into your brain, because of your successful career, if you really want a man to love you and get into a relationship with you.

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Sidharth Thakur