Subtle Makeup For A Natural Look

makeup1 For most women who are not adept at using heavy makeup on a regular basis, applying makeup can be one intimidating task. Not being well au fait with the right technique and not being able to decide on what colors to choose, things can become really scary for a newbie.

There are many women who do not understand the basic fact that make up is meant to add to your natural features and not to cover them up. A natural look is definitely more alluring and no one looks good with layers and layers of makeup which camouflage the natural beauty. Looking natural with makeup is quite easy, and the key to the whole affair lies in finding the right shade of foundation to blend well with your skin tone and using other color cosmetics in accordance with your skin tone.

A natural look for beige skin tones

Your color choice should be around shades of peach, pink and apricot. As for the foundation, look for a color which has peach or pink undertones. Before you apply the foundation, cover-up any blemishes that you have with a concealer, and then gently spread the foundation on your skin, making a very thin layer. Finally dust off some loose powder on the foundation and shine up your lips with a peach or pink lipstick topped up with some lip gloss of the same color.

Make up for olive skin tones

Olive skin tone is considered to be a warm skin tone, and so you need a warmer shade of foundation such as golden brown. And since this skin tone is usually oily, look for a foundation in matte finish and one that doesn’t contain any shimmer. Give your lips a nude touch by first drawing the outlines, filling in some nude lipstick shade and then coating them with some clear gloss.

Make up for skin with yellowish tones

With undertones of yellow, your skin will look best when done up in warmer colors. So while you need to avoid cool colors like pink and ivory, you need to look for foundations with yellow base. Avoid using powder foundations and stick to the liquid ones. And when you’re done with the foundation, make some light strokes with pink blush on the cheeks and deck up your lips with a pink lipstick and lip gloss.

Sidharth Thakur