Subtle and Graceful Makeup Tips For Office

The annual general meeting is fast approaching. Everyone is trying their best to impress the big boss.

Just before the meeting, your immediate superior asks you to step down from making the presentation. You are totally dazed. As you happen to pass by a mirror, the reason becomes apparent.

Your whole face looks patchy and discolored. Office make up can be very tricky. The lighting in the office is very different from the lighting in the homes. The best makeup tip is to choose your color palette wisely. Go in for warm and earthy colors like brown, light pink, rose or peach. They look natural under the fluorescent lights of the office.

The first rule before applying any makeup is to clean the face thoroughly. Follow it with an astringent and a moisturizer. If you have a healthy skin, avoid foundation. When using a foundation, go in for a color which is closest to your skin tone. It will look completely natural under the office lights.

For eye makeup, use warmer colors like brown, beige or peach. It will help in opening up your eyes. Use black or brown eyeliner with clear or black mascara. Apply a thick line of kohl in the lower lid of the eye. If you don’t know how to apply eye makeup, then just stick to kohl and mascara.

Smokey look is perceived to be apt only for the evenings. You can create a simple smokey day wear look. Take a brown color eye pencil and apply it on your upper lids. Smudge it with a help of a smudge brush. Then, use a brown color eyeshade and apply it in the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Finish the look with brown mascara. Another eye makeup tip; make use of your fingers in applying eyeshades. So, from now on, let your eyes do the talking!For lips makeup, stick to gloss or light colored lipsticks. Try neutral, mocha, peach or pink colors. They look natural under the office lights.

Avoid shimmery shades. If you are wearing heavy eye makeup, go in for nude color on the lips.If you are wearing makeup, make sure to refresh it in every four to five hours. Carry a compact for an instant touch up. The sole purpose of makeup should be to complement your personality. Follow these simple and easy make up tips and be sure to grab the eyeballs!