Styling Tips for Hair Bangs

Hair styles with bangs are in vogue with women of different age groups. A mere change in your hair style can change the whole outlook of an individual.

Hair bangs tend to soften the face, draw attention to the eyes and disguise receding hairline. Bangs compliment all sorts of hairstyles like bob cuts, choppy cuts, layered cuts. Hair bangs should be cut by keeping in minds the hair types, texture and condition.

Shape of the face is very important to determine the length and types of hair bang. For instance oval shaped faces can wear any type and size of hair bang. Square shaped faces have strong jaw line. Side swept bangs that curve or taper inwards towards the jaw works best for them.

For people with heart shaped face side swept feathered bang style is a great option. Work out the details of your hairstyle with your hairdresser well in advance. Choose a bang style that enhances your personality. One of the common hair bang styles are blunt bangs which are worn just below the eyebrows.

Another option is choppy bangs which are modified version of the blunt bangs. In asymmetrical bangs, hair is cut unevenly. Bangs are cut shorter on one side and then they gradually lengthen. Parted bangs look great on long length of hair. These are slightly longer than the blunt bangs.

Long hair bangs are great to look at but they require constant care and attention. Hair bangs should be trimmed every four-six weeks to remove any split ends. You can style bangs with a hair gel or a mousse. Bangs constantly touch your face and are prone to oil and dirt especially for individuals with oily skin. Regularly wash your bangs to remove any build up.

You can create various styles with hair bangs. Straighten these to create a chic look. Curl these to get the classic look. Curly hair bangs add bounce to hair. Blow Dry your hair to keep your strands in place. You can also create funky looks. Braid your bangs and pin these back into your hair for that cute next-door girl look.

Hair style can add a different dimension to your personality. Choose a style with utmost care. Hair bangs are ideal for individuals of any age with any kind of hair length. Consult a good hair dresser before narrowing down your choice. So, what you waiting for gals? Go get a new hair style and change the way you look.