Style up your Looks with Paint Splattered Denim

Usually, denims are available mostly blue or black shades, which can become a bit boring to wear everyday. However, with the new paint splattered denims you can easily liven up your style.

Paint splattered denims create a shaggy, distressed and accidentally natural look, all of which can bring in some wonderful change to the monotonous blue denims. Distressed and worn out denims are today’s hottest fashion trend.

Paint splattered denims are not just for artists, anymore, but are immensely popular among youngsters and teenagers. They can make you look funky as well as trendy, at the same time.

It’s trendy and eye catching

A mild splatter of paint gives the regular denim a playful personality making it a perfect fit for all teenagers and youth. Painted denims are the best when you want to get a rugged look. A golden splatter adds a fashionably festive touch to your denims making it a perfect outfit for party wear or for special occasions.

Although, paint splattered denims are most popular during summer and spring, you can easily wear them all year around. Denim shorts, which are meant for warm weather, look amazing on young girls with paint splattered designs. These denims are very versatile, comfortable and are certainly worth adding to your wardrobe.

Patterns on these denims vary from small spots to wide and long streaks. The paint splatter gives the denim an extra flare, making them look sassy and jazzy. It’s truly an artistic style, that’s both hot and chic. Multi-colored bright paint splattered all over black denim is a great choice for a sexy look.

If you have any denims on which you accidentally spilled some paint, don’t throw them away. You can use them as your new style statement. Also, you can splatter some paint on denims, intentionally, to create cool looking designs with unique patterns that speak of your individuality.

You can recycle your old denims with this little trick. However, you ought to be a bit careful while doing it. The splatter shouldn’t be too prominent, or it might turn into something tacky and distracting.

Wearing them right

To get your best looks with paint splattered denims, make sure that you wear them with neutral colored top wear and accessories. Also, you must always match your painted denims with right footwear, preferably non-leather casual shoes.

Sidharth Thakur