Style Up Your Column Shaped Figure

4 Women, who are tall and slim, with long limb lengths, fall in the column shape category. And although, their well proportioned body may be envied by their shorter and bumpier counterparts, the column shaped women too have a hard time finding the right clothing. In spite of that flattering figure, with well proportioned shoulders and hips and a slim waist, the column shapes still have to struggle to make a commanding dress statement. Anyways, we’ve got some excellent advice on how to deck up your column figure for a fascinating outlook.

The basics

You’ve got the figure that’s needed to carry off clothing in the most succulent style, so put your hands on to some bold block prints, dramatic sashes and the likes. All the big and bold things that scare the shorter women are your best friends. What you must avoid is wearing one solid color from head to toe, because you need to visually cut your outfit into horizontal sections for more pleasing silhouettes. But in case you don’t like to mix and match, then get into something that is heavily textured or patterned, and remember to cinch in your dress at the waist.

Coming to specifics, for trousers and skirts you can go in for nearly any style and even the cropped ones, which don’t sit well on most other shapes. Even for the top wear, such as shirts, tops and jackets, you get to enjoy a lot of flexibility.  However, there’s just one thing that you must keep in mind that whatever you wear should be nipped well at the waist, for an overall shapely effect.

Casual dressing

There’s a wide range to experiment with in casual dressing, because column shapes look good in almost all types of casuals. Jeans bring out the beauty of their long and slender legs, however for the top you will be better off in something that emphasizes your waist to add smoother contours to your somewhat columnar torso. And lastly, even though you are tall don’t shy away from wearing high heels, as high heels lend you an elegant poise.

Sidharth Thakur