Style Up Your Bob Hair

hair-style Bobbed hair is always in, but this summer there’s a little change to it that makes the bob hairstyle even more exciting.

The new textured cuts and the added layers render a fresh and more stylish look to the regular bob hair. Anyways, here we will give you some fabulous tips to make your bob hair look even more stunning.

•    Blow drying is fine, as long as your bobbed hair isn’t in layers, but if your bob hairstyle is layered then you’ll need to apply some pomade or hair wax before blow drying to keep the layers in place.

•    To add more volume at the top, use Velcro rollers on the top hair and leave them on for about fifteen minutes. Remove the rollers and brush your hair, and you’ll love the fluff that will form on the crown.

•    If your hair texture is thin avoid using any greasy pomade, but on the other hand if your hair is thick then you must avoid dry mud or wax pomades.

•    With bob hair, your hair must remain fluffy and use of any heavy mousse, especially in warm weather can weigh your hair down. So avoid any heavy hair styling products that could ruin your hair style.

•    For an exotic look you can also get a perm, however you must avoid overdoing it. In fact, let the perm be so mild that it produces waves only, because mild waves help in adding more body to the hair.

•    Highlighting can also be used to play up bob hair, but the key to highlighting is in using a lighter base near the crown and darker shades around the sides and the back of the head. And for a trendy and funky look you can get three toned highlights done on the crown while using some dark blond shade on the sides and the back.

Sidharth Thakur