Style Trends in Leather Belts 2011

There are various types of leather accessories available, which are used by many.

In fact leather accessories add a personal touch to your own style statement. The quality of leather is the main factor, which helps to determine the nature of the accessory.

Apart from leather wallets; leather belts are pretty famous. The major different varieties of leather belts are designer belts, Italian leather belts and ladies leather belts. Let us have a look at the style trends in leather belts 2011, which will help us to know better about the ongoing trends in the New Year.

• Current trends

In the year 2011, people are not only looking forward to dress well but they are also pretty much interested in the different kinds of accessories available. Belts, top the accessory list both for men and for women.

There are different types of belts available, in various sizes and designs. In fact the kind of belt you wear reflects your social status and position. If you wish you can either go for designer belts manufactured by foreign and national designers, or you can go for local belts.

If you wish to look fashionable and trendy this year, you can try your hands at the belts made up of Italian leather. While buying a belt, you not only need to check the colour and the style but also the quality.

There are different varieties of leather available in the market, which in the first instance may look similar, but the quality is hugely different. So it is better to visit a reputed shop, to get hold of the best quality of leather belts.

Mentioned below are few types of leather belts which are pretty famous and can be teamed with different variety of dresses.

• Designer Leather Belts

If you wish to look different from the crowd, then you can spend in designer leather belts. These are not only high quality belts but are made of modern design. You can either go for Lee Hand Stitched Detail belt or for Edwin Mascot Belt or for HUGO Boss Plaque Buckle Leather Belts.

• Belts with detachable Buckles

You need not always buy new belts for yourself. You can buy different buckles for the same old belt and make it look fashionable. This is a much better option, as you need not buy various belts for wearing it, in different occasions.

There are various buckles available in the market that offer different designs of floral motifs, motifs of animal and various other motifs which are silver studded and are embossed with semi precious stones.

• Handmade Braided Belts

If you feel bored with your same old belts which are either black or brown in colour, you can go for handmade braided belts which are colourful and funky. These belts can be worn on various occasions. These are available in bright colours like yellow, red and others.