Style Bags For The Summer

handbag The winter is gone and summers are approaching and needless to say that not only the season but also the style and your attitude will also change. So what about the handbags that you carry? Will they not change? Surely they will and to help you with the latest fashionable bags in the fashion industry we have presented you the three hot styles of the season.

First things first. Along with summer comes a whole new change in colors and style. From the heavy designs there will come the season of light colors, floral prints not only on your dress but also on your bag. The whole metallic ranges of the previous season is gone to be replaced by bags with light and bright Colors and with metal embellishments, highlighting and trim. You can check Coach’s new signature collection and they are quite high on fashion. But be careful with a price tag of more than 60 dollars that also in the time of recession it won’t be that cheap.

Another style is the graphic printed handbag, with solid prints, designs, Lanvin’s bags are all time favorites and they are available at the bur a hole price tag of more than 600 dollars but if you want to go cheap without compromising on the quality the you can get the same design at Modcloth at just over forty nine dollars.

Cheerful yellow is the color of the summer. Nothing can be more stylish than the yellow color leather bags and a frill design dress to catch the eye balls of the on lookers. However be sure to shell out more than one thousand and five hundred bucks for Neiman Marcus bags.

Bags are great way to show off your attitude in the summers and without them your fashion may seem half done and incomplete.