Building Strong Bones – Fight Against Osteoporosis

There is good news in the air of the medical world and so is it significant as well with everyone else.

The much dreaded bone-wrecking disease osteoporosis can be fought back and the whole effect can be reversed with a complete revival of lost bone mass by the help of medication, diet and exercises.

One can be fully healthy and tough until one day when she wakes up with a pesky pain in the upper back area. Pain balms and antibiotics may not be of much help at all.

The doctor is visited and the secret if the pain unfolds – osteopenia is the dreaded secret of the pain. The reason leading to such situation being too little calcium intake in the regular diet that has caused the preliminary onset of osteoporosis and can get worst to a complete osteoporosis if no immediate treatment is done.

There has been a common myth that this bone deteriorating disease is only left alone for the elderly. The fact however suggests something else.

It is true that at the youth the human bones get denser and longer until they reach their complete standard height. Even during steady human growth the bone tissues are constantly broken and rebuilt, unless in the early thirties for women and the early forties for men the skeleton starts the slow and dangerous procedure of losing bone density.

The dangerous part in this is that the disease normally does not even get detected until a severe some nasty fracture in the hip or wrist area happens, and sometimes it happens spontaneously as well, and by the time a diagnosis of the disease is successful, the body has already lost significant amount of bone density making it fragile enough.

However, the good news being –even at the time of osteopenia if a proper calcium supplementation is done regularly along with inclusion of sesame seeds and banana along with a proper sunlight exposure and intake of Vitamin D, it can actually completely reverse the damage that the disease started to generate.

It can even be possible that after some months of constant medicine intake on a regular basis the effects of the diet can get completely reversed and a completely balanced diet will be successful enough to do the trick with the presence of a good amount of calcium in it.

It should be noted that a regular intake of thousand milligram of calcium in adults till fifty and with men over fifty and in post-menopausal women a twelve to fifteen hundred milligrams of calcium intake is necessary.