Stripes are Eternally Attractive

There are some designs which have timelessness etched on them; they are always in vogue and never a passe.

Stripes can be considered to be one of them which looked good on our mothers and still look good on us!

They are fashionable and the easy yet appealing design makes it an easy favorite. You will hardly find anybody who does not have at least one striped t-shirt or a dress in his closet.

A striped piece of clothing can easily be considered as a basic item that you can have. The first that comes to mind is a striped tee. It looks cool and trendy and has the air of casualness that is very easy to carry off. Pair it with jeans and you are good to go! Sneakers or sandals, either of the two can be worn.

Next comes obviously the striped shirts, who does not love them? Be it broad stripes, pin stripes or multicolored stripes, they are in. You can pair them with trousers for a serious and formal look, or go for a more toned down casual look by pairing them with jeans. Both ways they look good and they never really go out of fashion. Go to work wearing them or to the movies, the choice is yours.

Now, let us talk about striped dresses, who can forget them! They are downright chic and perfect for a night out. If you are desperate to hide those few extra ounces, it does not get better than this certainly.

Vertical stripes not only have the glam quotient which have the right kind of attitude, the better news is that they actually make you look slimmer. Like the saying goes, ‘You can never be too thin’, this is just the perfect dress to look slimmer, elegant and totally attractive.

If you want to consider something beyond apparels, you can experiment with a variety of striped bags of various styles. Be it a tote bag, clutches or over the shoulder bags, it works. Carry it with you to the beach or to the birthday party, they will never look out of place.

If you have not considered stripes seriously until now, then may be its time you did!