Strip Tease Like A Pro

seduce_a_man If you’re planning on giving your man a real sexy treat with a strip tease, then here are some sensible tips to help you in pulling off the whole show like a pro.

Don’t let him touch you

Now that’s the first and most important rule to follow, as the name of the game is strip tease its all about teasing your man to a level where he can no more hold himself from touching you. If you want that passion to build up and his desire to get ignited, then you mustn’t let him touch you till the show is on.

Let his eyes feast on your body and his imagination roam wild, but don’t let him feel your body till you are finally ready to jump into the bed. All the time, when you dance around and strip off, maintain an eye contact with him so as to keep him glued to your act and to your body.

Adjust the lighting

Bright lights maybe a little jarring, so dim them a little. It’s even better to light up a few candles, because the flickering flames create an altogether different atmosphere. There’s one thing that you need to understand, that while you do need subdued lights, don’t turn off the lights completely just because you are shy of revealing your body. To pull off a great striptease you don’t really need the perfect silhouettes, because it’s more about the moves, the confidence and the attitude.

Work up on your skin

To make your body look enticing as you twist and turn, slather on some stuff like fake tan or baby oil to add richness and sheen to your body. Smear a bit of lip gloss or blusher on to your nipples or on your bums to highlight them and to make them look shapelier.  Remember that you’re giving him a visual treat, so do a little bit of work on your skin and your body to make his eyes to travel all across your body.

Plan Your Outfit

Shirts, string tops or halter tops worn with skirts, are the best things to wear. But more important than you what you wear on the outside is what you wear inside, so dig up some exciting lingerie, garter belts, stockings and G-strings.  The most important thing is that the clothes and lingerie that you choose must make you feel sexy from within.