Stress and Work

Stress, which most behavioral experts believe is the byproduct to of modern life, is detrimentally affecting the lives of the most people today.  While most of us are subject to stress, there are only a lucky few who know how to marshal it well, but sadly the remaining people watch the stress pileup and outdo their lives.  The basic problem with work stress management is that in most cases it is very difficult to identify the problem in the first place, which is the major retardant to taking corrective actions.

In today’s business world, work stress is a constant phenomenon, resulting from the intense pressure that the businesses experience so as to keep up with the latest developments, new regulations, economic and human factor related issues and so on. No wonder, most companies today are contacting stress management companies to solve their problems.

In most business scenarios, improper planning and organizing are the two vital culprits to blame for making the work environment stressful. Apparently, most organizations do not have a visible strategy to combat the inefficiency and irregularities in their systems and structures. The inadequacy in terms of skill levels of the employees, especially where a good number of employees lack in the skills, educational qualifications and relevant experience, leads to work stress not just for these people but also for people who work around them.

When we go hunting for a solution to the work related stress problems, there is no single, answer which can be assumed to be right. To solve the problem you need to begin by examining the structure, the system, the strategies and the environment in which we work. Skill level assessment must be carried out both for ourselves and our subordinates, to trace out where the problem begins. Once the source of the problem has been identified strategic planning is one thing that can help in sorting out the problem.

If the companies where we work are not taking any measures to cut down the work stress then we need to take the initiative and begin on our own. Begin with a candid and fearless sell examination to understand what our needs are and what factors motivate us at work. We need to recognize what are the major factors which lead to development of work related stress, and find out means by which this stress can be converted into something more constructive, something which will be beneficial for our career growth while minimizing our stress levels.