Strengthen Your Nails and Prevent Them From Breaking

Are you one of those people who has brittle nails that are prone to constant breaking? Well, women are the ones who normally complain about weak nails as their hands are often in the water due to the washing and laundry.

While there is no shortage of products in the market that help to strengthen your nails you need to invest a few minutes in caring for your nails to ensure that they are in good shape. A good diet also enhances the nails and hence it is important to follow a healthy diet.

Start by analyzing the factors that may cause the nails to break. There are several factors that contribute to this condition. Firstly malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals and protein could be the cause. If this is the case then you need to increase these vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Lack of vitamin B is also one of the factors that lead to weak nails. In order to overcome this you need to increase the amount of eggs and other protein based foods in your diet.

Besides eggs you can also eat fish, chicken, nuts and beans as all of them are a rich source of protein. Protein is also available in the form of powder that you can add to your milkshakes and other beverages.

An underactive thyroid can also lead to weak or brittle nails. In this case your only option is to see a doctor and get a blood test to understand the cause of the issue.

If you suffer from weak or brittle nails then you will need to limit your use of nail polish and remover as these products make your nails brittle even further.

As a preventive measure you can use moisturizers on your hands, nails and cuticles to prevent nails from breaking or splitting. Apply a rich layer of petroleum jelly on your fingernails every night and wear a pair of gloves so that the moisture is locked in when you sleep.

Do this every night to make your nails strong and prevent them from breaking. Another preventive measure is to use rubber gloves when you wash the vessels or clothes. Limiting your exposure to water will also be beneficial.

These are simple yet effective ways of strengthening your nails and prevent breakage.

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