Straighten Your Waves Without A Hair Straightener

Straighten Your Waves Without A Hair Straightener

Straighten Your Waves Without A Hair Straightener Straight hairstyles have been around the block for a while and they seem to be reluctant to make their exit very soon. The secret of popularity of this style is its versatility.

This look can be worn to rock the party or to give that hard core strict corporate look in your office. The shine and manageability that comes with this style is something to die for. No wonder the sweet Rachel cut is what most women think of when it comes to quick hair styling.

But surprisingly, this style doesn’t require too many tools. You can do it at home without even any hair straightener as well. Take a look at our cup board. There is a blow dryer right?  Look around, if you have a blow dryer you also have some heat protective serum as well. Your hair tools can never exclude a paddle brush. Isn’t this true?

Only with these three items, you can do wonders to your hair in a jiffy that would be comparable to what a salon professional would give you. As always, the cardinal rule before any kind of styling remains, your hair must be washed, cleaned and properly moisturized with a conditioner.  You can also put in some leave in conditioner for that extra moisture.

Now, towel dry your hair. Next, let the hair air dry a bit or give it a low heat blow out so that your hair is semi dry. For straighteners, we need a completely dry hair before we can start. But for this trick without straightener, you need your hair a bit moist. It should not be ‘wet’, neither should it be ‘dry’.

Take a little heat protective serum in your palm and rub it. Then, work it up in your hair starting from tips to the roots. You would want to do this from tips to the roots because the tips are more prone to damage from heat or wear and tear. Now that we are almost ready, divide your hair in section and put them up with little clips.

Take out each section and place it on your paddle brush so that the brush goes underneath with the bristles upward and the hair combing through.. Focus your blow dryer nozzle in the downward direction and put on your maximum heat mode. Move the brush from roots to tips.  Your hair would look smooth and silky and definitely straight.

Now, repeat the same process in the same section with a clod blast from your dryer.  A cold blast after a hot one would set the hair in the style you worked on with the heat. Do this to all the sections. The front section and the bangs need special attention as they would frame your face.

After you are done, don’t touch your hair within half an hour so that it cools down and sets. Hair, when hot can be shaped, but when it cools down, it stays in that shape. Check your self in the mirror and you are ready to go!!



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