Straighten your hair with straightening irons

Fancied by the thought of turning your frizzy hair into straight and silky hair, you bought that hair straightening iron, but what next, your hair looks even more disastrous now than ever before. What has gone wrong?

Nothing much, it’s just that you didn’t master the technique of using a hair iron. And unless you follow the right procedure you can’t enjoy straight and shiny hair no matter how hard you may try. Not that it is tough, but there are some minute details which you cannot afford to ignore.

Straightening irons which have become an almost indispensable part of hair makeup kit, can give you that chic look by turning your unruly wavy locks into a sleek and shiny mane. Here’s help on using straightening irons.

First of all shampoo and condition your hair using a mild shampoo and a strong conditioner. Towel-dry your hair and apply some hair protection product before you go any further. You can make your own hair protection by mixing in some straightening balm with some hair moisturizer. You can even replace hair moisturizer with hair serum.

Use a hairbrush to untangle your hair and spread the hair protection more evenly throughout the hair length. Use clips to divide your hair into several different sections, and spray some thermal protection onto each section of hair.

Now it is time to plug in your hair straightening iron and let it heat up to the desired temperature as set by you using the thermostat. Once your hair straightening iron is ready for use, clasp your hair between the heating plates of the iron and glide the iron down slowly up to the end. Follow the same procedure for all sections of hair.

Once you’re through with straightening all the sections of hair, it is beneficial to apply a hair smoothening product to make the hair soft and silky and to make it glow with shine.

Well that’s all that was needed, and now you have perfectly straight and silky hair to flaunt the way you like. For those who have not yet bought their straightening iron, pick up only those which have ceramic coated heating plates.

Sidharth Thakur