Straighten Your Curly Locks

Human hearts are never satiated with what ever we have, and we always find the grass to be greener on the other side. People with curly hair are almost desperate to turn their hair into smooth and straight strands, while those with straight hair seem to be frequenting hair saloons for a perm.

Anyways, that’s how it is, and if you are one with curly hair wanting to straighten then they’ve got some worthy advice for you here.

The task of curling straight hair is not as daunting as straightening curly hair. The process is long stretched but then when you are keen you can always walk that extra mile to get what you want.

The easiest way out, is to grow your hair longer since short lengths have the tendency to curl more and are also difficult to straighten. With longer lengths the straightening task is much easier, and if the hair is mildly curly it will straighten somewhat because of its own weight. But then if they are very curly you will need to use one of the straightening methods.

A quick and easy way to straighten hair is with the help of a straightening iron. It’s easy and you can do it on your own, but if you don’t follow the proper method you can damage your hair or even burn them. The effect is temporary and goes off after every head wash. Hair straightening irons come in a wide price range; however the best ones with ceramic plates can cost you a few hundred dollars.

When you’re looking for a hair straightening solution which will last for a bit longer duration, chemical straightening is a good option. This is best done in a hair saloon, and even though chemical hair straighter is easily available in the market don’t try it at home or you might end up with damaged hair. The little problem here is that after every wash you will need to blow dry your hair or they will turn wavy. The chemicals can make your hair weak, dry and brittle, so do pay attention to keeping them hydrated with hair moisturizer or conditioner.

Sidharth Thakur