Stop Sacrificing Now

Women tend to place everything and everyone on the top of their priority list, while their own person goes completely neglected. It is female psychology to make sacrifices and lose themselves for the benefit of their family. While they are always eager to help everyone else in the family, they usually lose sight of their personal needs.

Whether it is about food or shopping or just about anything, most women always try to give the best portion to their husbands or the children. Agreed, that they do it because of their love and affection, but how long can you go on ignoring your personal self? Why do you live under the impression that to be a good wife and a good mother you must make a lot of sacrifices?

Obviously to bring up your children you will have to sacrifice a bit on your sleep and professional life, while also you will have to work extra at home to take care of your baby. But once your children are school goers, there is absolutely no reason for you to keep on making sacrifices. As is commonly said if you want to be respected you must learn to respect yourself first, and this rule extends to your family life as well.

I understand that family is all about caring and loving other family members, but that doesn’t mean you are the only one who has to make all the efforts. There is no need for you to sacrifice all the time, there are other members in the family and they too have certain responsibilities towards the family. So why do you have to carry the whole load and go on sacrificing?

When you go on sacrificing you will lose your self-esteem and slowly you will realize that your family members acknowledge your sacrifices no more. So stop it now, and take some time out for yourself, a few hours in which you’re not a mother or a wife, but you are just you. Stop rushing to help everyone with almost everything and let your family members grow up and learn to do things on their own. Once in a way helping is fine, but not for small day to day activities.

Take some time out and exercise or follow a hobby which will leave you contended and more at peace.

Sidharth Thakur