Stop Looking Fat – Change the Style of your Clothes

Have you ever stopped to ponder on the fact that your clothes may be making you look fat. Well, it’s true. There are certain clothes that make you look bulkier than you are. Also, wearing clothes that are not your size (either too big or too small) can have a negative impact on your body.

If you have bulges in certain regions of your body you need not be ashamed of yourself. While it is important to exercise to tone your body don’t get anxious if you are not able to do that. Remember when you are looking at photos of your favorite celeb in a magazine those photos are airbrushed to look perfect.

In reality no person is perfect; however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your best foot forward. I have a list of clothes that will help you to enhance the shape of your body and make you look curvier and natural.

If you want to portray a flattering figure then I recommend that you start by wearing body shapers. These are ideal for women who have flabby tummies or new moms. You can get your hands on high waist tights that also act as body shapers. They tone the excess flab on your tummy and thighs. They are perfect to wear on any outfit for any occasion.

Another trick is to wear monotone clothes. They do not draw any attention to any part of your body and in this way they hide unwanted curve sin your body and accentuate your shape.

V neck tops, shirts and dresses show off a certain amount of skin that reveals a rather sensual body rather than the flab that you are not too proud of.

Other clothes that flatter your figure include ballet flats, jump suits or overall or rompers, gladiator sandals, baby doll dresses and frilly skirts. The shoes that I speak about here draw attention to them and thus they distract a person from looking at other parts on your body. The outfits are trendy and current and thus they attract positive attention.

You have a lot of choices when you are choosing your trousers and pants. White pants, jeans, skinny jeans, Capri and cargo pants are graceful and they make you look proportionate. The key is to look for pants that fit you well.