Stop Hair Fall with These Tips

Do you fill the drain every time you wash it or are you the kind of person that walks around the house to find strands of your hair scattered every where? Well, if your answer is yes then you are suffering from hair fall. Though it is natural for hair to break off and fall some people notice a greater percentage of hair loss.

In order to keep this under control you do not need to look at any treatments; simply making a few adjustments in your hair care routine will help you to reduce the amount of hair you lose every day.

Start with washing your hair with warm water rather than hot or cold water. Hot water dries the hair as it strips the natural oils from your hair; on the other hand cold water may damage the hair follicles.

Another effective way to control hair fall is to use a rich conditioner on your hair. This will help to smoothen your hair and reduce hair fall. Use a conditioner that suits your hair type. If you can get your hands on a conditioner that is meant for dry or damaged hair it will reduce hair fall drastically.

Heat treatments often lead to hair loss. In order to avoid this avoid using a hair dryer, a crimping iron or a curler on your hair. These may be the reason for hair loss. If you notice laser hair fall when you stop using these appliances on your hair then you know the main cause of the hair fall and you will need to eliminate using them on your hair forever. If there is no change in the amount of hair you lose then you can continue using these treatments on your hair.

A few changes in your diet will help you to reduce hair loss. Start with increasing the amount of iron you consume. Since the hair is made up of protein it also helps to increase protein intake. Eating eggs, chicken, green leafy vegetables and beans are the perfect way to increase protein intake. You can also opt to have protein and iron supplements.

These are some natural remedies to help you to reduce hair fall. If these remedies do not work; then you will need to consult a doctor for a diagnosis.