Still Confused About Whether He Loves You Or Not?

workplacedating If you’re still in doubt whether he loves you or not, then you must read through this article. You need to observe him for clues and if you do receive the positive clues and signs that we’ve mentioned here then it’s quite likely that he’s in love with you.

•    Quite often you find him staring at your eyes, even when you’re totally engrossed in doing something else. A man in love is bound to observe and admire his beloved with deep attention, so if you’ve been wearing some bracelet for long just leave it at home someday and he’ll definitely point it out that your bracelet is missing.

•    In public places you’ll find him standing right next to you, as if to guard and protect you from the evil eyes of the world. Even when you’re stuck up in an argumentative situation with some outsider, you’ll see him trying to make you feel stronger and win the argument or may be he may jump to your rescue and take over the battle himself. He doesn’t hate losing an argument, if the one who’s winning is you.

•    He’s always looking for a chance to surprise and please you in almost any way. He may get you flowers, silly gifts, or he may take you to a movie or organize some romantic act. It may be anything, but if you feel his sole intention is to charm you then maybe the cupid has already taken over his heart.

•    He listens to you attentively and never forgets the important things that you tell him, especially the important dates like your birthday.

•    The guy, who doesn’t play games with you, and who doesn’t make excuses, especially excuses like ‘I forgot’, is a guy worth considering seriously. If he does a mistake, he’ll be open to accept it and whatever is up his mind he will never be reluctant to share it with you. If he has promised to give you a call and he actually calls up, as decided, then he is surely in love with you.

•    Instead of talking about himself all the while, he takes the initiative to know more about you and your family, your likes and your dislikes. Also, a guy who is seriously in love with you will not hesitate in introducing you to the important people in his life and similarly he will not be hesitant to meet the important people in your life.

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Sidharth Thakur