Stilettos With Casuals

heels Stilettos are the fashion statement of the night party or the club but with casuals they also give you a gorgeous look. Quite contrary to the opinion they can be used while you are on a afternoon stroll or in the mall but the dress combination should be perfect.

Stilettos not only enhance you posture and walking style but also by adding height they give you a dramatic presence. So how can you pair up your stilettos with your denims or skirts?

Read on:


Always wear pants that brush the toe of your legs when you are wearing stilettos. They can give you a dramatic look but should not be the centre of your dressing and you should always have a casual stylish look.


Long flowing skirts are best to combine with stilettos. While short skirts along with stilettos are the perfect party dressing, they are not really considered for casual dressing. Always go for the floral print skirts . Lacy skirts are also perfect for combination with the stilettos and evoke an afternoon casual look. You can also wear skirts that just reach your
knee. Stilettos make your calves look great and you won’t be willing to cover them or not show them off.

Short pants:

Avoid short pants at any cost. When combined with the stilettos they may appear to be overdone or at worst may look quite trampy. They are suitable for the disco night but not for casual dressing.

To feel comfortable with the stilettos you must practice wearing them at home so that you may look quite at ease in them when you go out. Wear them when you are cooking, doing household chores or taking the dog for a walk. Remember one thing if you can flaunt them they look gorgeous but if not then they may make you look like a fashion disaster.