Sterling Silver Jewelry

silver-jewelry Silver is a semiprecious metal which has been used by ancient civilizations, not just for ornamental purposes but even for making eating utensils.

However, the form of silver that is used to make jewelry is known as sterling silver and is different from pure silver in that it contains some other metals. Pure silver is difficult to work with, and so certain other metals are mixed with it so as to make it more workable.

Silver jewelry

With gold and platinum prices having skyrocketed beyond the reach of the common man, a lot many women choose the sterling silver jewelry over precious metal jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry, which looks almost like white gold or platinum jewelry, makes for a nice addition to your jewelry collection.

Earlier, most of the renowned jewelry designers and jewelry houses concentrated around developing jewelry styles in precious metal. However, some companies such as Tiffany& Co. have come up with some adorably distinguished line of affordable jewelry crafted in silver. And as more and more jewelry designers have begun experimenting with silver, Sterling silver jewelry has now made a niche for itself in the world of fashion jewelry.

Visit your nearest jewelry store and you will be mesmerized at the extensive range of sterling silver jewelry that is available. All types of jewelry pieces, such as rings, chains, pendants, necklaces, bracelets Etc, are easily available in sterling silver. Also, gemstone studded silver jewelry is catching up fast.

In fact, there’s also a new range of diamond studded sterling silver jewelry, which looks fabulous and looks quite akin to diamond platinum jewelry. The best part of this diamond silver jewelry is that this combination makes it a way lot cheaper when compared with diamonds in white gold or platinum. And still better, sterling silver jewelry can easily compliment most of the items in your wardrobe, because of its unique color.

And lastly, to be sure that you’re buying pure Sterling silver jewelry, look for .925 branding engraved somewhere on the piece of jewelry. This, (.925) branding means that the ornament that you’re buying contains 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts of copper.

Sidharth Thakur