Steps To Wash Out Texturizer Appropriately

Steps To Wash Out Texturizer Appropriately

Steps To Wash Out Texturizer Appropriately Though hair texturizers are used for making thick hairs manageable, they are often used for loosening the curls of hairs. People who have natural curls may like to change texture and look of their hairs by applying texturuizers.

Hair texturizers are mostly applied in the form of cream and left on hairs for short duration only. This duration is sufficient for loosening curls. As compared to relaxing, application of texturizer is a shorter process. Hair texturizer application is considered as a delicate process. This process contains risks of chemical burning, itching, irritation and loss of hairs.

When hair texturizer is applied to hairs at home, it very necessary that, once treatment is completed, texturizer is removed from hairs properly. Normal hair rinsing techniques may prove harmful.

One aspect that should be understood regarding application of hair texturizer is that once applied, it cannot be removed from hairs. However, its effects can be reversed by applying certain other chemicals. If hairs of a person are not healthy enough for another treatment, regular deep conditioning of hairs should be done.

How to Wash Out Texturizer Appropriately for Avoiding Associated Risks

For washing out texturizer properly from hairs, it is very necessary that it is applied correctly. Instructions for application of texturizer are generally contained on the tube or bottle of texturizer. After application, texturizer must be allowed to set for correct duration of time, as mentioned in the instructions. After this time period is over, hairs should be rinsed with tepid or warm water.

Some people use cool water for washing out texturizer, which is not the right practice. Some ingredients of texturizer are not dissolved in cool or cold water and thus, are not removed during the rinsing process. Hairs must be rinsed thoroughly with warm water for 5-10 minutes. For ensuring that texturizer has been removed completely, fingers may be used while rinsing hairs for giving a gentle massage.

After rinsing hairs, hands should be run through the hairs gently and repeatedly. This helps in removing the leftover texturizer from hairs. Afterwards, hairs are rinsed one more time with warm water. Cool water may also be used for rinsing hairs for the last time. It has been observed that for drying hairs, people use blow dryers, as it helps in styling also. However, this should not be done. When hairs treated with texturizers are dried with hot blower, they become weak and may break easily during combing.

Rather, a clean towel should be used for drying hairs. While drying hairs, these should be kept straight and by pressing with both hands and towel, extra moisture in the hairs should be squeezed out. This can be repeated for three to four times. After moisture has been removed, hairs are patted with towel. If hairs are very long, two towels can be used for drying these properly.

Afterwards, a neutralizing agent is applied to hairs. Neutralizing agent is generally supplied by the manufacturer along with texturizer. It helps in keeping the pH of hairs and scalp balanced so that no irritation or itching occurs. If neutralizing agent has not been supplied with texturizer, it may be bought from cosmetic product store and applied.