Steps For Wearing Daytime Makeup

Steps For Wearing Daytime Makeup

Steps For Wearing Daytime Makeup Techniques for wearing makeup are not same always. For example, daytime makeup is quite different from makeup worn in evening and thus, techniques of both are different. Even makeup supplies needed for both the makeup are different.

It has been commonly observed that women are not so particular about wearing daytime makeup and use similar techniques that they resort to while going out for a dinner or a beautiful evening. This should not be done as it can lead to ‘dramatic’ face, which is never associated with daytime makeup.

Before applying daytime makeup, it is very necessary that all the essential supplies are gathered or purchased first. Some of the requirements associated with daytime makeup are foundation primer, blush, shimmer powder, eye concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyelash curler and lip liner. For washing the face, a good quality facial soap is also needed.

Steps for Wearing Daytime Makeup

First step of wearing daytime makeup is to prepare face for makeup. Face is first washed with facial soap so as to remove all the dirt and oil. Instead of facial soap, cleanser can also be used, if the skin is sensitive. A woman must be very particular about using face wash and should use one as per her skin type.

While washing the face, cool water should be used. If there is any eye makeup left, same must be removed while washing. This is because in many cases, women do not remove eye makeup at night and go to bed straight away, which indeed is not a good habit. After washing, face must be patted dry and skin toner should be applied.

Face must be again patted and finally, facial moisturizer should be applied. Moisturizer must have appropriate SPF so that harmful rays of sun do not cause any skin damage. After application of moisturizer, it is the time to apply foundation. Selection of foundation must be done carefully and it must be based upon the skin tone.

There are basically two skin tones. These are warm and cool. The foundation chosen must be able to hide all sorts of blemishes and dark circles, as these are more noticeable in daylight. For hiding age spots and scars, concealer is normally used. Yellow concealer is considered as best for hiding dark circles while red-neutralizing concealer is considered as best for hiding blemishes.

Best way of applying foundation is to dab a few spots on the T-zone of face. Afterwards, foundation is smoothened over entire face as well as neck with the help of makeup sponge. Blending the foundation around the neck region and forehead near hair line is very essential for avoiding makeup lines.

These lines can easily become visible in daylight. Foundation chosen must contain SPF15 or higher for guarding the skin against sunrays. Afterwards, a light coat comprising facial powder is applied with the help of brush. However, if a dewy appearance is needed, facial powder must not be applied.

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Great care should be taken while doing eye makeup in daytime. Eye makeup must be able to emphasize the color of eyes. Eyes must look natural and attractive. For achieving same, neutral eyeliner should be used. The eye shadow chosen must also be neutral. Eye makeup is started by lining the eyes. In daytime, bottom line that must be followed while doing eye makeup is ‘less is more’.

Thus, dark colors must be avoided. If larger-looking eyes are wanted, the eyeliner should be applied to complete upper eye lid whereas inner half of the lower eye lid must be left unlined. Also, two or three coats of eyeliner should be applied to upper eyelid. Once eyeliner application is over, eye shadow is applied. It must be spread and blended perfectly with the help of brush.

A light shade is then applied to eyes for complementing the color of main eye shadow. It also highlights the eyebrow ridge. In daytime makeup, dramatic look to the eyes is not acceptable. Eye makeup is incomplete without defining eyebrows, as these frames the face. Eyebrows should be brushed in upward direction. If any wild hairs are present in eyebrow, these must be trimmed.

If eyebrows are pale or thin or if hairs are sparse, brown eye shadow may be applied with the help of angled brush. This helps in shaping the eyebrows perfectly. Eyebrow pencil also helps in providing appropriate shape to eyebrows. Afterwards, eyelashes are curled with the help of curler. Finally, mascara is applied to eyelashes for making the eyes more attractive.

Two to three coats of mascara are applied on the upper eyelashes while single coat is applied to lower eyelashes. Second coat of mascara is applied only when first one has dried up. It must be ensured that no cluttering of lashes take place. For getting a natural look, non-glitter product should be used. After eye makeup is over, blush is applied on cheeks. Care should be taken that your face doesn’t look dramatic.

A bright colored blush is generally applied with the help of large makeup brush. Before applying blush on face, extra blush should be tapped off. Blush is swept across the cheeks and into the hair line. This provides a glowing look to cheeks. For getting perfectly glowing face, some blush is dusted on chin, nose and forehead. A bronzer can also be applied to the cheekbones.

No makeup is completed with shining lips and daytime makeup is no exception. Lips must be lined and colored perfectly so as to make the face more attractive and appealing. For ensuring that lipstick lasts throughout the day, lip liner must be used. After lining the lips and filling in the colors, lipstick is applied over it.

Color of lip liner must match with lip color. For daytime makeup, muted and natural lip colors are considered as the best. There are some steps that can be followed for speeding up daytime makeup application. For working women, these prove great.

Eyeliner and mascara can be restricted to upper eyelashes only. Some makeup products are better applied with the help of fingers rather than brush. For example, eye shadow and cream blush are two such products. While using neutral or medium intensity colors, not much preciseness is needed, which saves time. Use of dual products also ensures fast makeup.