Steps for Removing Makeup from Lashes Without Harming Them

While it is always a good feeling to apply eye makeup, removing same can be a nightmare for a woman, especially when her eyelashes are falling. Removing makeup from lashes is not an easy task and great care has to be taken while doing same so that no lashes are lost in the process. Even many women do not apply mascara and other beauty products to eyelashes, as they are scared of removing same.

Many women have lost most of their eyelashes just because of improper practices adopted for removing makeup from lashes. Though eye makeup can be effectively removed by visiting beauty salons, it may not be afforded by all women, as it requires time as well as money. There are certain cost effective steps that can help in removing makeup from lashes, which can be easily tried at home.

Steps for Removing Makeup from Lashes without Harming Them

Mascara and other eye makeup should be removed very gently from lashes. One of best ways of removing makeup from lashes is using a wet cotton pad. First of all, cotton pad is soaked in ‘boiled and then cooled’ water. Some women also use rose-water for this purpose. This wet cotton pad is then placed on the eyelids so that mascara can get loosened up. It generally takes two to five minutes for this to happen. Afterwards, small circulation motions are made over eyelid and eyelashes with fingers. This should be done very gently so that lashes do not come off. After massaging for few seconds, mascara or other eye makeup is swiped off gently. While using this technique of removing makeup from lashes, it must be remembered that eyes should not be rubbed vigorously, as this affects the lashes severely.

Sometimes, wet cotton pad method is not able to remove eye makeup from lashes. For example, some women apply waterproof mascara to their lashes, which is not removed through wet cotton. In such cases, baby shampoo can be used. Baby shampoo does not cause any burning or irritation and thus, is safe to use. However, only tear-free baby shampoos should be used. First of all, eyes and surrounding area are wetted with tap water. It is better if tepid water is used. Small amount of tear-free baby shampoo is then applied to eyelashes and massaged gently for forming some foam. Once foam is formed, eyelashes are rubbed gently with this foam for few seconds and then, foam is washed off with tap water. Eyes are then patted with soft and clean towel to remove water and residues of makeup, if any.

In some cases, both the above methods may not work. For removing makeup from lashes, a makeup remover can be applied. However, a woman should use a branded remover so that her eyes are not affected adversely in any manner. Some makeup remover is poured over cotton pad and this pad is placed over eyes for few seconds. Cotton pad is then wiped gently so as to remove mascara or any other makeup from lashes. Though good makeup removers are expensive, these last for long time if used reasonably.

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