Steps For Getting Lips like Angelina Jolie

Getting Lips like Angelina Jolie

Getting Lips like Angelina Jolie One of most popular celebrities in the world is Angelina Jolie. This actress is known for her style and looks. She has natural-looking lips that are appreciated by everyone. Her lips have always been a center of attraction and this is the reason why many women across the globe wish to have lips like Angelina Jolie.

In fact, many women have undergone cosmetic surgeries for having such lips. However, cosmetic surgery is an expensive way of changing the looks and may not be afforded by all. But, this does not mean that a woman cannot have lips like Angelina Jolie. There are some ways in which such lips can be obtained using common cosmetic products. These ways are cost effective and thus, can be easily afforded.

Steps For Getting Lips like Angelina Jolie

First step towards getting lips like Angelina Jolie is exfoliation. Lips are exfoliated using a wet and warm washcloth. Lips are wiped by this cloth back and forth in a gentle manner. In no case, lips should be exfoliated for over 30 seconds, as it can lead to considerable peeling of skin over lips, which makes them rough and painful.

Managing such lips becomes very difficult. If vigorous stokes are made for exfoliation, it may lead to irritation or burning of lips. Most estheticians limit their swipes for exfoliating lips to 30 only. Some women also use towel for exfoliating the lips, as it acts like a good scrubber. However, this should be done very gently so that only dead layer of cells is removed. Rather than using washcloth or towel, exfoliating creams can also be used. These creams are easily available at drug stores.

After lips have been exfoliated, balm is applied on the exfoliated area for moistening the lips. Application of balm is considered as necessary as it prevents skin over lips from cracking. Cracked lips do not plum well. It is better if medicated lip balms are used, as these also prevent infection from occurring. Medicated lip balms have also been found more receptive for plumping and for infusing lip glosses.

After application of balm, lip plumper is applied. It is one of most recently developed cosmetic products that enhance looks of lips greatly by increasing the blood flow. Lip plumper of leading cosmetic brands is easily available at beauty supply stores. Apart from plumping up, lip plumper also helps in moistening and smoothing out the lips.

If lip plumper is not available, few natural alternatives can be used. For example, many beauticians use cayenne pepper and salt for plumping the lips. Small amount of cayenne pepper is applied across the lips and is topped up with lip gloss. Since cayenne increases the blood flow, lips get plumped and colored. Once lips have been plumped, lip liner pencil is used for lining and filling the lips.

Generally, nude or light brown lip pencil is used for filing the lips. However, it must go with the skin tone. It is to be noted that Angelina Jolie mostly uses paler colors for filling the lips, as these helps her in emphasizing over-sized lips better. Afterwards, flesh-toned matte lipstick is applied on lips. With the help of blotting paper, lipstick is blotted by pressing the lips with paper in-between. Blotting paper helps in removing the excessive lipstick and in preventing lipstick from spreading across the face. Application of blotting paper also prevents new lips from looking amateurish.

Some Tips

perfect lips like Angelina Jolie

There are some tips that can also be followed for getting perfect lips like Angelina Jolie. Rather than applying lip plumper, some women apply lip glosses containing ginger and cinnamon, as these also increase circulation of blood in lips. For example, Lip Venom is one such brand of lip gloss that can be applied for making the lips look fuller. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with these lip glosses.

First of all, these are costlier than lip plumper and thus, may not be afforded by all. These lip glosses also cause allergic reactions in certain cases. Many women have complained about swelling of throat due to these. Thus, it is always advised that lips containing such lip glosses must not be licked.

For reducing the shine and making the lipstick last for longer durations, a very thin layer of baby powder can be applied to lips with the help of brush. This provides perfect matte finish to lips, one of key characteristics of Angelina Jolie’s lips. Some women may not like matte finish or it may not suit their face. For adding some shine to the lips, a clear gloss can be used. Many make-up artists do this for satisfying their customers. For adding dimension to the lips, a lip liner can be applied.

Its shade must be darker than the shade of lipstick. Under the middle part of the bottom lip, a shadow line should be created with this lip liner for making them look fuller. This must be done carefully so that lips do not look awkward. For ensuring this, pictures of Angelina Jolie or some other celebrities can be studied. This results in proper copying of shadow line. Many estheticians also apply dark lip liner at the corners of mouth. This also makes lips look fuller. For applying lip liner at the corners, mouth is shaped like alphabet ‘O’.

Some women also use lip glosses containing spearmint, cinnamon and peppermint regularly. Over a period of time, these lip glosses make lip look fuller. If a woman has already full lips, these lip glosses or lip plumper should not be applied. Since lip plumper do not last for a long time, effects may be short lived.

If long term results are needed, plumper with peptides should be used. Peptides stimulate lips for making more collagen and thus, they remain plumped for longer duration. If lip plumper contains some shade, lipstick may be avoided. For having sex appeal like Angelina Jolie, lips may be colored bright red. Such lips provide dramatic looks. Even this actress uses dark red shade very often. Last but not the least, lips must suit on face. Lips like Angelina Jolie may not be perfect for all face types and shapes. If it is found that lips do not suit, natural shape should be maintained.

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