Steps For Applying Bronzer To Makeup

Steps For Applying Bronzer Makeup

Steps For Applying Bronzer Makeup Bronzer is used for highlighting face with a healthy glow. For having a glowing face, it is very necessary that bronzer has been applied in correct manner. Applying bronzer to makeup is not a very difficult task but it needs precision.

If, due to any reason, bronzer is not applied correctly, it can create a brown mask on the face, which can destroy to looks completely. Purpose of applying bronzer to makeup is to look natural. For creating undetectable visual flow, it is necessary that bronzer is applied on and around face in varying degrees.

Its application must target sun kiss zones. Proper application of bronzer can provide a perfect sun-kissed look, even when it has been protected with sunscreen. Bronzer also helps in waking up pasty and tired skin. Bronzer must be applied to all the spots where sun light shines naturally. These spots are nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

Various shades available in bronzer are light, medium and dark. A woman must choose a shade that is two shades darker than the skin. If a woman is fair or if her skin gets sunburn easily, it is better if she applies pink or peach bronzer. Women with olive oil skin tone should go for copper shade while women with dark skin should apply dark bronzer. Orange shade should be avoided, as it looks very unnatural.

Bronzers are basically of two types. These are powder based bronzers and cream or gel based bronzers. Powder based bronzers are considered as best for oily to normal skin and are applied by means of blush brush. Before application, excess bronzer should be blown off from the brush so that unnatural looking mask is not created on the face.

On the other hand, cream or gel based bronzers are considered as best for dry skin and are applied with the help of sponge or finger. Cream based bronzers must be blended well with the skin so that face glows naturally. Large powder brush is generally used for applying powder based bronzer. Small quantity of bronzer is placed at central cheek and then circles are made with the brush over the apples of cheeks.

Brush is then swept along the bone towards the temple. Lighter circles should be made with brush at the outer jaw. Each side of forehead is swept diagonally with the brush. Brush containing bronzer should also be applied at chin, nose, neck and chest. Cream based bronzer is applied with the help of fingertips.

Like powder based bronzer, it is also dabbed at apples of cheeks and then, it is spread by making circular motions over the apples of cheeks. Movements of fingers should be directed towards the temple.

Some women also apply two shades of bronzer for enhancing natural flush of skin. This technique also provides color balance to skin. Earth rose or pinky peach colored bronzer is applied to the largest zone of the face while pure pastel pink is applied to small zones on the apples of cheeks. For setting the makeup, translucent powder can also be dusted over the bronzer.

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